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Love & Power proudly presents…

It’s a Bum Deal

...our campaign for equal rights in a space that mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers have been crying out for; the baby change table. 


Why are we bummed?

Are you a dad, uncle or a male caregiver sick of having to change your baby
in less-than-ideal places?


Or maybe you’re a mum, aunt or grandma who is sick of always having to change the baby's nappy because there’s no changing table in the men’s toilet. 


Parenting is a shared responsibility, and we believe that fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and male caregivers should have the same access to essential facilities as their female counterparts. Every caregiver deserves the same access to clean, safe, and inclusive spaces to attend to their little ones' needs.


It’s 2024 - these bathroom setups don’t reflect today’s society. Join us in our fight for a better world - one nappy change at a time.  


Watch our campaign video with Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Our first accredited Fair Change venue.


Our Plan

In the US, a campaign resulted in a law requiring certain buildings to have accessible baby changing facilities for all. We want to win that same change here, starting locally - baby change by baby change - before going for national law.


Let’s make baby change accessible for all…

We’re partnering with businesses, organisations, and public facilities, to make sure all that care givers have equal access to baby changing facilities. We are building teams of caregivers to build the necessary support for this crucial change. Together, we can make a lasting impact and work towards legislation mandating equal provision everywhere. 

We need you!

We can't do this work alone. We need your support. We’re fundraising £20,000 to get this campaign off the ground. Your contribution will support workshops, resources, and efforts to ensure accessible baby changes are implemented. With your help, we'll challenge societal norms, empower fathers, and pave the way for a more inclusive future. Once we’ve hit our target, we’ll start a rolling programme of training, action, and organising.

Join as an individual

If you want to really help us change this system, we ask you to consider becoming a supporter of L&P - it means donating approximately an hour of your income a month (don’t worry, we’ll calculate this for you) and together we’ll move the world as it, is to the world as it should be. You don’t have to be actively involved if you don’t want to  - just signing up as a supporter helps those who do. But if you want to get active, supporters will access free training sessions to make change in your local area, be connected to other local supporters, and get packs of resources including stickers and training materials.


If you’re not a supporter and don’t want to be, you can still get involved just by filling in the form. You’ll get updates on the campaign, and notifications about our training when it opens. We need everyone on board to make (baby) change!

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Join as a bathroom provider


If you run a public bathroom (in a cafe, restaurant, football club, museum, library, really anywhere) and you either currently are or want to make sure that a baby change is accessible to all caregivers,  you are the heroes we need to make our society change!


Please sign up below to get information on accrediting as a group who either already have, or are keen to become an equal bathroom provider. As soon as you put in your email you’ll be sent a pack of info on how it works and what you need to do if you’re not already doing it. Accredited providers get access to a monthly session from a professional toilet association), a plaque to put up and a window sticker that shows that all caregivers get access to baby changes. We will also add you to our forthcoming map of baby change heroes, and let all the supporters of the campaign know.

spend a penny

Spend a penny...

so that the next time you find a bathroom that is not welcoming, we can build a team to change it.

Send a father’s day or birthday e-card


Send a card to a dad or someone special, including friends who have lost their dads.

babies bums e-card.png

We have teamed up with Black & Beech to create a unique line of merchandise specifically designed with male caregivers in mind. Inspired by vintage football crests, these designs symbolize solidarity, togetherness, and modern masculinity. This collection is a celebration of dads and all caregivers who are actively parenting, not just babysitting. Every sale will feed back into funding the Bum Deal campaign.

Or help us get to our target by donating to Love & Power.

Tweet or tag us on instagram with a photo at @loveandpowerorg with the hashtag #BumDealFairChange and the first 10 people will get a special gift! 


Found a toilet that needs a Fair Change?

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Thanks for supporting our campaign!

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